CMP/CMM Recognition Event 2018

Deal Your Own Destiny is engaging, interactive, and full of takeaways on achieving bold, high-level dramatic results in your professional life.

By the time you leave the room, you'll be even MORE motivated toward being extraordinary. As the former COO of Radio Network, Kate combines her savvy business acumen with a unique inside knowledge of leveling the playing field to get desired results.

In her fast-paced presentation, you'll learn:
To Go All In: Dig deeper to connect more powerfully with current and future clients.
Patience Pays: Crucial long-game thinking and realistic goal-setting.

Stack the Deck: Surround yourself with advocates, mentors, and with people from other industries.
This event is by invitation only for industry professionals with the CMP and/or CMM designation.
The event is complimentary. Please bring your manager or director as a guest.