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  1. Summertime Job Search Tips
    26 Apr, 2017
    Summertime Job Search Tips
    Traditionally, July and August are the slowest months for hiring. This also makes them the slowest months for “active” job search. This makes the summer months the perfect time to redirect your efforts to a “soft search”.  Here are some tips and action steps you may consider: Use the summer months to network.  Call industry colleagues, schedule 15 – 20 minute informational interviews.  Use this time to seek advice from those in the know on career direction, resume tweaks, etc. Take them to
  2. Planning Successful Meetings starts with the PROCESS
    24 Apr, 2017
    Planning Successful Meetings starts with the PROCESS
    I consider myself lucky to have spent 20+ years in a career I truly believe in, one that adds value to an organization by drawing upon our key strengths and knowledge of the hospitality industry to plan and execute meetings and events.   I firmly believe it is not just one person who makes a meeting or event happen, but rather a well led TEAM of dedicated, enthusiastic, talented individuals who come together to do what they do best to help organizations exceed program objectives and make them
  3. A Positive Attitude is a “Must Have” in the Workplace
    24 Apr, 2017
    A Positive Attitude is a “Must Have” in the Workplace
    For the most part of my career I have been either working for a corporation or owning my own business. In both worlds, I noticed the most important prerequisite for success is a positive attitude. A positive attitude in the workplace is the key ingredient. Whether you are an employee, manager or entrepreneur, you must have a positive attitude to deal with adversity, circumstances, co-workers or employees. A positive attitude is the basis for achieving the goals set by the company, owner or
  4. Teambuilding Trends
    10 Apr, 2017
    Teambuilding Trends
    Teambuilding Past … For many decades, teambuilding events have played an important role in developing and enhancing cohesive and functional groups within profit and nonprofit organizations.  From high ropes courses in rural and wooded areas, to city scavenger hunts in the largest metros around the globe, to ballrooms and meeting spaces in any hotel or conference center with an applicable space, team-building programs have established their place in the corporate world and beyond. Historically,
  5. Creative Production Trends
    01 Apr, 2017
    Creative Production Trends
    Benefits of Adding Compelling Video / Visual Technology to your Events As everyone knows, talking heads and basic PowerPoint presentations at meetings are almost extinct.   EVERYONE (not just Millennials) wants to be entertained and be brought personally into the meeting experience.  This has been proven to be most effective with carefully planned video pre-production and on-site live streaming.   You can make the once a year meeting live on for the entire year through the use of professional
  6. Combining Meetings and History in Connecticut
    28 Mar, 2017
    Combining Meetings and History in Connecticut
    Meeting Planners can create unique and memorable experiences for their attendees by taking advantage of the history surrounding their meeting venue. Connecticut is one state that has fascinating history and venues available for themed events, receptions, luncheons, dinners, and interactive events. Connecticut’s Historic Venues Make for Revolutionary Off-Site Events… Mark Twain “To us our house was not unsentient matter--it had a heart & a soul & eyes to see us with…” American author Mark
  7. CMP Strategy – Changes and Updates to Exam as of May 2017
    26 Mar, 2017
    CMP Strategy – Changes and Updates to Exam as of May 2017
    Every five years the CIC (Convention Industry Council) conducts a survey and review of what skills and knowledge are required for competency in the meeting and event profession. This is done by a survey of people in the industry asking them “What do you do…. now?” We know that most industries change and with them what people do and what they need to know. Based on the information they get back it is reviewed and put into context and an updated view is created. At that time the CMP framework,
  8. 26 Mar, 2017
    CMP Strategy: Earning Your CMP
    Are you thinking of earning your CMP sometime in the next 5 years? Even vaguely thinking of it? Here is a step that will save you an amazing amount of time—a true strategic move! Go to the Convention Industry Council Website www.ConvenionIndustry.org and set up your CMP account. In the upper right hand corner, it will say “Log In”. Go to that page and if you do not have an account the instructions are there to create one. If you think you have made an account anytime in the past, log into that
  9. Generating Momentum from Events with Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Wearable Technology
    20 Mar, 2017
    Generating Momentum from Events with Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Wearable Technology
    You know you had a great conference or meeting when the relationships and ideas are hot long after the event is over. But at any event, you only have a short time to make your story “stick.” To maximize your return on investment and keep the momentum going, you have to be memorable. Powerful storytelling tools like virtual reality, augmented reality, and wearable technology can help you create a memorable experience for attendees. At Pixel Light Digital Media, we produce custom brand content
  10. Ireland: A Picturesque Destination for Meetings & Incentives
    12 Mar, 2017
    Ireland: A Picturesque Destination for Meetings & Incentives
    A national holiday that’s celebrated in more countries than any other, St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland was originally a day of religious feast. The celebratory day falls during Lent, which often meant abstaining from personal indulgences, but St. Patrick’s Day allowed for a break, and its since evolved to include a host of activities and events from live music to colourful parades in celebration of the nation’s patron saint. Ireland is steeped in a rich cultural heritage – it’s a land of saints
  11. Nature Inspired Meeting Experiences
    08 Mar, 2017
    Nature Inspired Meeting Experiences
    The Benefits of Holding your Meeting at a “Green” Hotel Holding a meeting at a “green” hotel can provide a unique experience for your attendees.  You can actually bring the beauty of nature inside. 1 Hotels, the mission-driven luxury lifestyle hotel brand, cultivates the best of eco-conscious design and sustainable architecture with extraordinary comfort and an unrivaled level of service. There are many benefits and opportunities to holding a meeting at a sustainability venue…   Organizations
  12. The Future of Event Sponsorship
    27 Feb, 2017
    The Future of Event Sponsorship
    How Technology Can Increase Your Event Sponsorship The event sponsorship game is changing and with technology at the top of every event prof’s agenda it’s essential to not only look at what event technology can do for us and our attendees, but what it can do for our sponsors too. Sponsors are looking for a clearer, more measurable ROI and in today’s high-distraction, digitalized world, attendees demand more immersive, experiential and innovative events, forcing us to look at audience engagement
  13. Deciding on your Next Meeting Venue?
    20 Feb, 2017
    Deciding on your Next Meeting Venue?
    Deciding on your Next Meeting Venue? Consider the Overall Offering of the City -  Subvention is only a Small Part of the Equation The saying goes that ‘money talks’ but in our industry, I don’t believe this should ring true.  With many cities now having access to similar subvention offerings, the overall offering of the city as a complete business events destination should be the key area of focus for meeting planners when deciding where to host their next meeting. The capability of the CVB and
  14. How to Create an Emotional Connection with your attendees through Décor and Atmospherics
    16 Feb, 2017
    How to Create an Emotional Connection with your attendees through Décor and Atmospherics
    The proven value of including décor elements and decorative displays at your meetings is that it creates a positive impact on the attendees’ overall experience.  Design elements ensure a meaningful connection and enhances relationships – just the kind of brand-building loyalty every planner and their client desires. We all know how much modern technology has changed our lives, so of course its effect on meeting and event décor is the same. And, it’s also allowed some visually complex,
  15. A Hands-On Guide to Driving Technology Adoption at your Event
    13 Feb, 2017
    A Hands-On Guide to Driving Technology Adoption at your Event
    A key challenge for event organizers is motivating the participants to invest their energy into the experience you have in store for them; to buy the ticket and take the ride. I was recently involved in organising ibtm world, and thought I’d share some tips on what I found to be most effective. If your aim is driving technology adoption at your events, try these 5 methods. 1.  Align event tech with the objectives of attendees and stakeholders The success of technology adoption depends upon
  16. MGM GRAND DETROIT: The Midwest’s Premier Destination
    30 Jan, 2017
    MGM GRAND DETROIT: The Midwest’s Premier Destination
    MGM GRAND DETROIT The Midwest’s Premier Destination Detroit, Michigan Plush accommodations, business facilities, lounges and restaurants create the Midwest’s premier meeting destination. Located in the heart of the Detroit entertainment district, MGM Grand Detroit is just 18 miles from Detroit’s Metropolitan Airport. MEETINGS BLUEPRINT: A multi-year recipient of the Pinnacle and Gold Key Award, MGM Grand Detroit specializes in everything from large events and trade shows to intimate black tie
  17. Celebrate in the Garden State: Corporate Events by Bowlmor & Bowlero
    30 Jan, 2017
    Celebrate in the Garden State: Corporate Events by Bowlmor & Bowlero
    When you want to plan an event that will leave everyone in awe, turn to the party professionals at Bowlmor and Bowlero, New Jersey’s leading venues for inventive corporate fun. Bowlmor Green Brook and Bowlero North Brunswick offer guests a modern spin on the traditional bowling experience, combining classic competition with modern luxuries, exceptional menus, and world-class laneside service. Conveniently located off Route 22 in Green Brook, Bowlmor’s immense setting raises the bar on every
  18. Combine Meetings + Beach + Circus = CREACTIVE!
    30 Jan, 2017
    Combine Meetings + Beach + Circus = CREACTIVE!
    As Event Professionals, we are always looking for creative concepts and new ideas for our attendees.  Have your attendees ever performed with the circus? Club Med, the brand that pioneered the all-inclusive concept over 60 years ago, and Cirque du Soleil, which reinvented circus arts and reshaped it into a groundbreaking entertainment company, partnered to create a unique concept in experiential travel with Club Med CREACTIVE by Cirque du Soleil. Attendees have the opportunity to learn many of
  19. What is Brexit and how is it affecting the Meetings and Events Industry?
    23 Jan, 2017
    What is Brexit and how is it affecting the Meetings and Events Industry?
    What is Brexit and how is it affecting the Meetings and Events Industry? The United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union in a nationwide referendum in June 2016. Now the negotiations begin; will the Government adopt a ‘hard Brexit’ in which Prime Minister Theresa May takes the tougher route and asks for trade privileges but no freedom of movement? Or will the UK politicians negotiate a ‘soft Brexit’ in which they accept that with free trade comes free movement. Certainly the EU member
  20. Meeting Engage Explore Canada
    23 Jan, 2017
    Meeting Engage Explore Canada
    In a recent study, the global value of business travel was estimated at having almost doubled in size since 2009, according to a Tourism Economics study.  Canada’s share of this lucrative sector is estimated at approximately $2.6 billion USD.  The global meetings marketplace continues to evolve. Each year new destinations that offer sophisticated new product for planner consideration join the already competitive landscape. Fortunately, Canada is well-regarded and well-positioned as a safe and
  21. 10 Tips for Setting Your Greatest Goals
    07 Jan, 2017
    10 Tips for Setting Your Greatest Goals
    1. Your most important goals must be yours.   Not your spouse’s. Not your child’s. Not your employer’s. Yours. When you let other people determine your definition of success, you’re sabotaging your own future.   2. Your goals must mean something to you.   When you write down your goals, you must ask yourself, what’s really important to me? What am I prepared to give up to make this happen? Your reasons for charting a new course of action give you the drive and energy to get up every morning.
  22. Event Innovation in 2017
    05 Jan, 2017
    Event Innovation in 2017
    As an experiential marketer, nothing excites me more than innovation. Perhaps the buzzword of 2016, and sure to have staying power in 2017, innovation is what allows event professionals to continually up the ante on their productions. And in our industry that’s paramount – because just like the experiences we create, which are living entities, so too are the demands our clients face year after year.  Innovation allows us to reinvent tried and true event formats to best deliver on evolving client
  23. How To Take The Upper Hand On Event Technology
    27 Dec, 2016
    How To Take The Upper Hand On Event Technology
    As an event planner, you are so busy!  Juggling strategy with execution is a game of timing that requires focus and organization. Between defining a theme and keynote speakers, managing your budget, booking hotels, creating registration forms, crafting a schedule, and finalizing the mobile event app, you may be looking at a best case scenario of organized chaos. The reality is, you need help to stay organized and effectively execute all those assignments that have landed in your lap. You need
    19 Dec, 2016
    This is the perfect time to clean up your digital life and get ready for 2017! We have all been down the rabbit hole with Alice, getting unwanted emails, Facebook pages/groups/events and unwanted tweets that we get sucked into. Before we know it, our digital lives are crowded and crazy.  Here’s a few tips to declutter your digital footprint. Email: Let’s face it — your email address is sold for marketing purposes.  Sign up for one mailing list and get added to 10 others without your