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Tuesday, August 08, 2017

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  1. Five Reasons Hospitality Salespeople Need to Up Their Game, or Face Extinction
    25 Jul, 2017
    Five Reasons Hospitality Salespeople Need to Up Their Game, or Face Extinction
    You may think I'm an alarmist, but really, I'm crazy-optimistic most of the time. Right now, though, I'm worried for our industry and the salespeople in it. Here are five reasons why the sellers' market you're enjoying is going to come to an end (and how you can prepare): 1) Political unpredictability. There's a crazy train in Washington DC, and it's barreling the hospitality industry toward disaster. Travel bans, laptop bans, challenges to NAFTA, and disruption to long-standing political
  2. How Cool are You?
    12 Jul, 2017
    How Cool are You?
    The first Baby Boomers have retired if they can afford it. Late arriving Baby Boomers are leaving the work force at an increasing rate. Gen X and Gen Y employees are in the middle of their careers being of college age around the turn of the century/millennia. So,  who are the employees now joining the job market in the greatest numbers? Correct. The Millennials. How do you attract the best talent available from the pool of Millennial individuals currently joining or rising in the corporate
  3. Music As A Collaborative Tool
    14 Jun, 2017
    Music As A Collaborative Tool
    Music, in its many forms, satisfies different needs for different people. For some meeting planners, it is a tool that we wield with precision and flair, and for some of us it is a mysterious artifact that we are completely at a loss for how to control (think “arc of the covenant”). This article will shed some light on how to use music as a collaborative tool without having to unravel the mysteries of the ages. It is reasonable to say that music has universal appeal. Also, research by